Sunday, March 31, 2013

Paper cutting

Randomly decided to try paper cutting since I have a lovely scalpel and a small cutting mat which makes the slightly excitingly dangerous joy of using a scalpel in your lap a reality.



Saturday, March 30, 2013

Unique Project - Lumination for Antique Glass

Inverted UV LED "Candle" for uranium glass candle holder

I saw this candlestick holder in the window of a charity shop and I kind of suspected it might be uranium glass, which I have a large collection of. Of course, I did the weird creepy stalky thing of going out at night when the shop was shut and shining a UV LED light into the window and, sure enough, the glass glowed green.

So I had this idea of an inverted, clear "candle" with a UV LED pointing down. This kind of fell apart soon after I took the picture... it was just held together with hot glue gun glue which didn't really seem to stick to the acetate/melinex very well. But it seems to work as a concept anyway.

Box making

My phone needed a new box. This probably sounds a bit odd but it's a very cheap phone with a pressure-sensitive touch screen as opposed to the more fancy electrical resistance screen... and it's got a rather bad interface that tries to dial the emergency services if it gets a bit knocked around in my bag (!)
I'm pretty impressed my first box which I made a year previously had held up so well. What got worn down on it was just the book cloth edges.

Here's the new box:
Finished box

Closed box

and a few In Progress shots too

Pink box in the making

Bottom of top tray

Wrapping a tray in cloth neatly involves a lot of strangeness...
All the various cuts to make the paper wrap around