Sunday, August 19, 2012

Less making, more having fun

I realised I hadn't posted here for ages... so I wondered what I was up to. Checking back through social media, it seems like I've just been out with friends mostly.

First, cable car!! Which including a boat ride and a bit of visiting a sort of hackerspace in Greenwich.
There was some ponies...
something called Meat Tuesdays... o_O
and a Maker Faire!
I've been barely alive since the Maker Faire. I am so glad the golf courses no longer exist..

Alas, I am no longer invincible to money problems... so I will have to only make do with what I've got. This sadly includes making do with a netbook for a while until I can save up enough money for a new laptop. Less Inkscape fun probably.

I have a bunch of stuff to post about but I'll try to space it out a bit. Yay making things!

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