Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ideas because I'm waiting waiting waiting

So... I have at least two projects that I've bought materials for. What's worse is I have half the materials for one project and it's just sitting there taunting me (ARUGH). Also for some insane reason my internet isn't allowing me on ebay *twitch* so I will just write about some upcoming ideas...

I'm kind of getting into costuming, like fursuits and cosplay. There's an upcoming japanese/cosplay event in London that I've just suddenly decided I'd quite like to go as a very cute anthro-cosplay Pinkie Pie (yup. ponies again. Ponies all the way.)
So I was going to check ebay for a cheaper hot pink petticoat as my usual source seems to have gone up in price significantly and I still can't be arsed to make another one after one horrible attempt many many many many years ago.

So... I need a pink wig... Not quite sure what I'm going to do for ears but they'll be hair barrette type attachment like my kitty ears I bought a few years ago.
I may go for a pink t-shirt and painted-on cutie marks, while trying super-hard to make the balloons looking like balloons and not something ... ruder...

Somehow I got distracted and thought of FUNFETTI CAKE. Not sure why I'm so obsessed with this cake these days but I did think it'd be the perfect cake for Pinkie Pie.
Googled, found how to make your own:
which then led to, make your own sprinkles:
which mentions... BACON SPRINKLES! Everything comes back to bacon.

I think I want a funfetti cake for my birthday :P

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