Friday, December 7, 2012

Laser cut rings and Plastic Weld

Apparently back in October I forgot to write about some laser cut rings I made.
wave/tentacle ring
flame/wave ring

A friend happened to be in the space after I made these and gave me some tips since they're a bit melted. Need to use less power and multiple passes next time.

More recently I learned of Plastic Weld which is a solvent that you use to "glue" (chemically melt & fuse) acrylic together. Just tried it out on a random 5mm mirrored perspex dot I've been keeping around since the prototype for the Infinity Box.

Wave & Pearl ring

So awesome. So easy. Just hold the pieces in place with one hand, use a small brush to brush the Plastic Weld into the join and it wicks along by capillary action. Done in seconds. This basically means I can make boxes... or whole cases like those in galleries! This is exciting news, especially as I'm too lazy to design boxes with all those tabs or little slots for bolts & nuts (as in the design for the Ice Tube Clock).

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  1. I love these! I love the blue. Well I guess you love the blue too. You're kind of a person who I equate with the color blue with your cyanotopes.