Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Drawing and Life

I've been away for a bit. The holidays happened and my birthday. Lots of stuff has happened in the last 2 months. The biggest thing is me finally admitting I have a problem with depression and getting help for it. Things are still fairly unstable. Some good days, some very bad days (weeks even) but I'm in contact with my doctor regularly and everything. A lot of it is a guess&waiting game.

On the worse days, the only things I can do to keep going is to play minecraft, listen to nightcore and occasionally draw some My Little Pony fan art.

My Sleepy OC by ~Akki14 on deviantART I only really got into drawing the ponies because a friend gave me an OC on my birthday. For some reason, I could suddenly draw ponies much better than previously. My Ivanpony Plushie Finally Arrived! yay by ~Akki14 on deviantART
So... not really much to say. Still alive and surviving. It's a little hard to feel like it today but I am much better than before, I think. I'm considering this as a long vacation. Slightly uncomfortable but trying to chill out.

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