Monday, September 30, 2013

LASERS! Etching my new laptop

(originally written 30 March, 2013)

Laser etched Laptop :D

So... I got a new laptop back in December. It has a black painted aluminimum lid. I have access to a laser cutter/etcher. What a perfect time to personalise my laptop.

Bronies will recognise the balloons - it's Pinkie Pie's cutie mark.

It took me hours of tweaking vectors and screaming & yelling at Inkscape. It took 17seconds to laser etch at 100% power, 100m/s speed. It was so fast there's no pictures of the process.

Close up:

Close up of etched laptop design

I'd really like to etch the inside keyboard surround but I'd have to take it off the laptop first and I've not bothered to look up how to do that yet. Definitely requires more pony.

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