Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Love/Hate Food Hacking

Love food hacking
... It is cool making new things and experimenting lots
... It is easy to start with so many possibilities and deliciousness
... Sometimes people are impressed
... Tasty noms and cool looking stuff

Hate food hacking
... It's sometimes too far in the realms of just my boring housewife life which I don't like.
... Effort presenting to large groups (economies of scale)
... Sometimes lots of maths for scaling, though I'm getting better at this after 12+ years of cooking and experimenting
... Sometimes people aren't impressed or not nearly enough vs. the effort involved (usual complaint of making things, not specific to food hacking)

Otherwise I'm one of the runners-up in the Instructables Food Science Contest. I get a cookbook. Would have preferred getting my hands on the molecular gastronomy kits for more experimenting but I guess I'll just have to fund my own experiments as usual.

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