Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bookbinding - Half Leather Book

half-leather bound book

I've been taking bookbinding classes part-time since September. I finally got to the "making leather bound books" level! Weirdly, I think leather is easier to work with than bookcloth and PVA glue. It's slower and more malleable to work with. Getting decent leather and a stone to work on and a paring knife seems like it'll be more difficult, though.

I'm working on a new notebook since I've nearly filled up my current one (the 2nd book I ever made in class). It should be a half-bookcloth (in red) binding with cute little dormouse & berries paper, with either pink or red head colouring and yellow endpapers. Something radically different to the usual blue/black books I've been making the whole year.

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